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Who's Your Favorite Visual-Kei Band?

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Who's Your Favorite Visual-Kei Band?

ranking / vistlip / BUCK-TICK / SuG / A9 / Plastic Tree / NIGHTMARE / GazettE, the / SID

Just recently mobile site "Recochoku" has release the result of a survey titled "Kami da to omou Visual-kei bando rankingu (lit.: Ranking of who you think are the gods of Visual-kei) ". The top of this ranking is held by SID, who will be holding their first TOKYO DOME performance in December this year. Position two is held by the Gazette. Both bands are continuously rushing towards and onwards at the top of the Visual-kei scene!

Surprisingly, position number three has been reserved for Canzel, an indies band, who disbanded in August this year. The other bands are then again all strongly representative for the genre of Visual-kei.

Did your favorite band make it into the ranking?
Either way, all of them are bands no fan of Visual-kei should miss, so if there is a band you don't know yet, make sure to check them out!

"Ranking of who your think are the goods of Visual-kei"

No 1. SID
No 2. the GazettE
No 3. Canzel
No 4. Nightmare
No 5. SuG
No 7. Plastic Tree
No 8. Alice Nine
No 9. vistlip

SID Ranking 1st in the Recochoku Mobile Ranking with Three Releases in a Row.
"With More Aggression than Before!" - WOWOW Showing the GazettE's Nippon Budokan Performance!
Who Are the Artists Performing at TOKYO DOME for the First Time?
Now come and tell us who your god of VK is!!