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D'ERLANGER Holding Two Day Event with Mysterious Title.

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D'ERLANGER Holding Two Day Event with Mysterious Title.

event / girugamesh / D'ERLANGER

On September 19th and 20th Rock band D'ERLANGER will be holding a special event titled "D'ERLANGER presents ABSTINENCE'S DOOR #005 / #006" at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST. While the title carries the meaning of "forbidden door" the line-up of artists revealed until now is surpassing genres as much as boundaries of the music industry.

Korean band PIA, who will be performing on the 20th has been performing at an event together with D'ERLANGER and they have become friends.
"We are counting on them when we are going to Korea again. On the other hand, we also want to help them, when they come to Japan", D'ERLANGER's Tetsu explained.

Moreover it has now been revealed that girugamesh will also be participating in the event on September 19th.
All along the event seems to have extended as another live - "D'ERLANGER presents ABSTINENCE'S DOOR #007" has been scheduled for September 25th.

"Even though the Japanese bands performing overseas has increased over the past years, yet the examples of Asian bands performing with other Asian bands are still very few. Starting from there we would like to connect the bands who are yet very close and still so far apart."

Music fans all over the world are certain to welcome this new approach as Asian music culture becomes increasingly popular, no matter the actual country.

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