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X-Japan Announced an Additional Concert Date!!

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X-Japan Announced an Additional Concert Date!!


X-Japan, who will perform at Tokyo Dome on March 28th and 30th, has announced an additional concert date, March 29th. They didn't want to hold a concert that day due to YOSHIKI's physical condition. YOSHIKI's drumming performance is so hard that sometimes he is rushed to the hospital after the concert. From his experience, performing 3 days in a row was thought to be impossible.
The tickets for the first announced 2 days, however, sold out immediately. Two times the maximum capacity of Tokyo Dome, tried to get tickets. After seeing their fans' enthusiasm, they decided to hold a concert on the 29th. YOSHIKI commented, “I'm ready to die for a performance, now that I have decided to perform.”
The title of these concerts are: 28th “Hakai no Yo” (meaning, “A night of destruction”), 30th “Sozo no Yo” (meaning, “A night of Creation”) and 29th “Mubo no Yo” (meaning, “A night of audacity”)
Now the members are training for their upcoming performance.