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Alice Nine in Yukata at a Present Exchange!

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Alice Nine in Yukata at a Present Exchange!

release / A9

On August 25th, Alice Nine have just been releasing their new single "SENKOU", which has become a very important record for them, who are facing their 7th year. Therefore, they held a special release event on August 29th at the Toshima Kokaido!

The event had been held for the fans, who had purchased their CD at music and video rental store TSUTAYA. "Today, we wanted it to be suitable for the summer!" All the members appeared clad in Yukata. Shou and Hiroto appeared in navy blue, while the other members were dressed in simple black Yukata each of them having their very own way of wearing it.

At the event a present exchange also become the topic, which also meant being able to get a present directly from the members, making it even more special. Alice Nine handed out the special poster to each participant themselves.

"I am happy that this many fans gathered to see us." Shou commented on the event in his blog. From here on, Alice Nine will be heading on their Japan wide tour, eventually to be concluded on January 6th at Nippon Budokan.

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Aren't Alice Nine in Yukata right next to one not present enough ; )