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Alice Nine Featured at Ameba Pico - Dress your Pico Shou-Style!

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Alice Nine Featured at Ameba Pico - Dress your Pico Shou-Style!

release / A9

San Francisco based CyberAgent America Inc., a subsidiary of Tokyo based CyberAgent and creator, innovator and distributor of social experiences that engage millions of people across the world, today announced the launch of limited edition Ameba Pico Alice Nine virtual goods in partnership with PS Company Co., Ltd and one of their premier premier Japanese Visual Kei rock band, Alice Nine.

In coordination with the release of Alice Nine's new single "SENKOU", the partnership will allow fans to obtain limited edition Alice Nine goods within Ameba Pico, a leading virtual world service with millions of users worldwide.

Ameba Pico offers the ability for people to express themselves through designing their own room and avatar character - inspired by styles and fashions popular from Japan. Ameba Pico will be bringing items, designs, and styles designed in collaboration with Alice Nine to allow users to express themselves online with the style and fashions of Alice Nine's vocalist Shou. Items include:

• Alice Nine Style Caps
• Alice Nine Style Jackets
• Alice Nine T-Shirts
• And many others!

"With social game and virtual worlds booming worldwide, we feel Ameba Pico is on the forefront of bringing Japanese culture to other countries, and we want to continue to allow users to express themselves as freely as possible in our virtual world," said Toshimichi Namba, CEO of CyberAgent America, Inc.

"This partnership with PS Company will allow us to bring the Visual Kei style, and more importantly to Alice Nine fans, worldwide."
Come express yourself with the free-to-play virtual world service, Ameba Pico, on Facebook. The latest Japanese styles and fashions are readily available.

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