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Utada Hikaru Announces Activity Stop within this Year

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Utada Hikaru Announces Activity Stop within this Year

release / Utada, Hikaru

Within her blog, singer Utada Hikaru announced that she will be stopping her activities as an artist within this year. "Since I am 15 I have only always made music. 12 years, I have challenged a great many things as an artist and I think I have grown a little. However, apart from this evolution, I also need to grow as the person separate from music. From next year on, I will, for a while and selfishly "pause my activities as an artist". Concentrate on my "human life". It will be a time to get face to face with my real self. This will as a result also be connected to myself as an artist", she stated her decision. Yet, to storm her "human life" she added: "This year I will do a lot of music still!" She said "I will be active in music until the end of this year as much as I can", she said, in order to challenge her "human activities" next year without hesitation.

In that sense, Utada will be releasing her "Utada Hikaru SINGLE COLLECTION VOL.2" which will include her 13th single "Dareka no Negai ga Kanau Koro", the latest single "Prisoner Of Love", the download only song "This Is Love" a new song among a total of 12 tracks.
"I am in the middle of recording, what will become the new songs, which will also show my recent change of heart and feelings."

Moreover, she also revealed her plans for a CM song and also a time limited exchange with her fans via Twitter.
"I don't know if it will be for 2 years or for 5 years, however, I will return, once I have grown up. I'd like to ask my fans for a little time, to take in my decision, about which everyone thinks differently, probably. Yet, please believe in me and wait for me", she directed the message at her fans.

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