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GOLDEN BOMBER Performance in Shanghai Canceled.

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GOLDEN BOMBER Performance in Shanghai Canceled.

event / Golden Bomber

On September 9th, Air Visual-kei band GOLDEN BOMBER had been scheduled to perform at the Shanghai EXPO, however, due to various unfortunate circumstances, the cancellation of the live has now been announced. Accordingly, all members are currently expressing their regret and write down their "Sorry".

In vocalist Kiryuin Shou's blog it can be read: "We couldn't do anything about the matter. To everyone, who had been looking forward to the live, we are really sorry about this. It is the most bitter for us to not be getting this chance to meet all of our fans. We feel a lot of regret because of it. We all had our passports issued already. It is limited for 5 years at least, so within these five years we'll come to Chiba. We'll give our best, because we know there are fans, who look forward to it. Since China is large, we hope to take the surroundings around Shanghai, too."
The band themselves showed their positive outlook on a next performance in Shanghai and we hope you all keep an eye on them, as they grow!

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