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SMAP's New Song as "Cirque du Soleil" Theme Song in Japan!

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SMAP's New Song as "Cirque du Soleil" Theme Song in Japan!

event / SMAP

Popular group SMAP's new single "We are SMAP" will be the new theme song for the worlds greatest performance shown at Cirque du Soleil from next year in February.
"We are very proud for SMAP to be able to collaborate in this field of entertainment this time", the group said. From the side of the Cirque du Soleil the comment stated: "We are very happy about the collaboration with them and we are excited about it from here on. With the combined strength of Kooza (Cirque du Soleil Production company) and SMAP we are certain to be successful in Japan!"

Both parties had been taking part in the Fuji TV show "SMAP x SMAP" on February 25th in 2008, to which Cirque du Soleil's representative said "We can hardly express our joy about the renewed work together with them."

On October 9th and 10th SMAP will be performing their first overseas concert in Shanghai, China. "Like with Cirque du Soleil 'We are SMAP' is surpassing boundaries between countries and people and we hope that we can share the same sentiment with this song", SMAP added. Certainly, such a global collaboration creates deep emotions among fans and guests alike!

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