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lynch. Making their Major Debut! And their buddies...

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lynch. Making their Major Debut! And their buddies...

release / lynch. / Sadie / girugamesh / heidi.

lynch. will be making their major debut this year in December and their also announced their last indies tour "THE JUDGEMENT DAYS". This fall, they will also urgently release what now has become their last indies single and no one should miss, what kind of record this is going to be!

Among these news, somehow there have also been misleading information...

"It seems the rumor has spread that Sadie are making their major debut, too. (laughs)", Sadie's Mizuki commented in his blog. Yes, among the fans, word has spread that Sadie were going to make their major debut. Yet, while they might not be far from it with their activities, those announcing their major debut this time are lynch., to get this straight.

In the same entry, Mizuki also wrote "heidi. did it. lynch. did it. The once left are girugamesh and Sadie, right?"
It is certainly interesting to see how these friends challenge their activities together. Following heidi. and lynch, seeing all four bands at the same stage once girugamesh and Sadie have reached the major field, is worth some anticipation for sure!

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