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SuG TV Q&A and QUIZ Start!

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SuG TV Q&A and QUIZ Start!


For SuG TV we are looking for all, and we mean ALL your questions, for the band members to answer during the program! Also, we are would like to challenged the individual band members in a "True or False" quiz with your help! Therefore we are also looking for quiz questions to ask on the day!

In case your question is being chosen, we will announce your name during the program and in front of the band. Since the program is live, please look forward to the reaction of the band members, when hearing your question!

*About the Q&A Corner*
This is your chance to ask the questions you always wanted to and get them directly to the SuG members during the program!
The topic is...
・Ask anything on [Koakuma Sparkling] and [R.P.G. -Rockin' Playing Game]
・Anything you always wanted to ask the band members of SuG

*About the Quiz*
We are looking for your "True or False" questions regaring Taiwan and Singapore!
Let's get the band members sweating over your questions!

Q: True or False: The name Singapore means "City of the Sun" in Sanskrit!
A: False. In Sanskrit "Singapore" means "The City of the Lion"

*Apllication Method*
Please apply in the MJP Forum.
Leave your questions directly in the MJP Forum Thread: [MJP : SuG TV - July 23rd]

MJP Forum top > Tune In! > MJP : SuG TV - July 23rd

* The fans whose quiz questions are being used will be contacted by the MJP staff pre-hand.
In this case, we will make use of the MJP Forum application "Send private message", to which you can find your INBOX in the forum under "My Profile". So please make sure to check it!

We are anticipating the many questions a PaPico could have! Of course the PaPio, too.

[MJP Forum] MJP : SuG TV - July 23rd
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