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20,000 Fans Participating In Versailles' World Tour!

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20,000 Fans Participating In Versailles' World Tour!

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On July 13th, Versailles long awaited world tour eventually came to an end with an overwhelming success for the band and a great live experience for the fans.
Versailles started their tour in South America with five shows in five countries, whereas they were also the first Japanese band to hold a performance in Peru. They were highly welcomed in each country and soon moved on to perform once more in Europe.
In eleven shows in nine countries, they showed their unique stage presence and astounding skills to capture the audience.

The shows in France and the Netherlands had been sold out and the great success of Versailles world tour will now go on to another stage.

Aiming at their final performance at Shibuya C.C.Lemon Hall on September 4th, they started out the Japanese part of "Versailles World Tour-Method of Inheritance-" on July 19th at Club Citta in Kawasaki.

20,000 people in overseas was only the beginning, as Versailles are now touring their home country, ready to stir yet more excitement!

Versailles World Tour 2010 "Method of Inheritance"-Arousal-
July 19 Club Citta KAWAWSAKI
Aug 10 Nagoya Bottom Line
Aug 13 Hakata Be-1
Aug 19 Osaka BIG CAT
Aug 22 Sendai Darwin
Aug 27 Sapporo CUBE GARDEN

Versailles World Tour 2010 "Method of Inheritance"-GRAND FINAL- CHATEAU DE VERSAILLES
Sep 4 Shibuya C.C Lemon

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What are your impressions on Versailles World Tour? What was the most exciting thing for you?