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SuG TV - Airing Time Decided!

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SuG TV - Airing Time Decided!


The other day the MJP produced program SuG TV had been announced.
We hope you can make some time in your schedule on Friday, July 23rd?

Finally, only with one week to go, we are eventually able to tell you the airing time of the program!

Friday, July 23rd
ON AIR from 10:00 at night
Note: Japanese Standard Time

As soon as SuG's band members arrive at the studio, they will be on air!
Although the exact time, when SuG will enter the scene is unknown, please feel the uncertainty and nervous atmosphere of the live broadcast with us together!!

That's already the start of a live broadcast!

The program will be airing right on the top page of MJP.

Next Friday, please wait in front of you PC for 10:00pm to come with the MJP top page open!

Currently, the MJP editors and PS Company are busy with the last arrangements.
While having a look at the feedback in the MJP Forum, from the official MJP Facebook page and Twitter, the preparations continue, and we are hoping for more opinions from you still!!
(The SuG members also look forward to the many messages from their overseas fans!)

We are also working on a special corner for this night only, to make the communication between the band and the users possible.

More detailed information on the program's contents can be found in the news in the following days, so please keep checking back and leave feedback for us!
We'd like all Twitter users to re-tweet the MJP tweets and make this program a huge success.
With your help, we will be able to provide more contents in the future!

Thank you always for your support!

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