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This Year is All About Shibuya! Visual-Kei Festival Ahead!

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This Year is All About Shibuya! Visual-Kei Festival Ahead!

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In 2007 "SCUBER DIVE" had been held for the very first time and since then it had been held as a Visual-kei festival in summer every year. This year, too!

The event brings together the many Visual-kei indies and major artists, by first, taking over the live houses of the Shibuya-O Group and then the adjacent halls and clubs for one day. This year it will be the six venues Shibuya O-EAST, Shibuya O-WEST, Shibuya O-Crest, Shibuya O-nest, duo MUSIC EXCHANGE and clubasia.

No matter which live house you are going to, the lives held at each venue make it a real "Summer Festival" as a whole. Past participants had been Versailles, MUCC or D'espairsRay and many other bands on the forefront of the scene. Certainly something to be interested in is this year's line-up! Just the other day, the third artist announcement has been made and we tell you in one go!

This year, too, the UNDER CODE bands Arc, E'm-grief, Dali, Nega and Megaromania will be participating. The jewel of this year is probably Lc5 - AN CAFÉ Miku's new project. For him it is the first time to take part in the SCUBER DIVE. Moreover, there will be 12012, Sadie, heidi. and a great many artists more.

The number of performing artists is likely to still increase, so please look forward to it!

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