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The Next Live Streaming Program Will be "SuG TV"!!

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The Next Live Streaming Program Will be "SuG TV"!!

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To all of you, who have been enjoying MJP TV, sorry to have made you wait.
However, MJP will present the MJP TV program "SuG TV" next in the row!
Among the many artists you have been voting for, SuG were one of the most popular ones. After ViViD TV, they will be the next guests in our MJP TV talk program!!
And there are more J-Music artists to come in the near future!

The program's guests are invited according to your requests!
Whether your favorite artists appear is up to you!
Therefore, please keep voting and supporting us and your favorite artists!

Find the link to vote below!

About "SuG TV"
- Streaming time: July 23rd, late night (Japanese Time) 
* The exact time will be released as soon as it has been decided.

-Streaming place: MJP Top page http://www.musicjapanplus.jp/
* On the homepage's top page the rotation banner will be exchanged for the program screen
* Via Facebook, Twitter etc. participation in the program via the social stream is possible!

-Since this is a talk-program for fans to participate, how about asking Takeru some questions?
* We are currently preparing the project! More details will be released soon!
SuG will also be participating in the "sundownfestival" in Singapore on July 31st and will also hold their first performance in Taiwan, titled "SuG FIRST TAIWAN CONCERT in Taiwan" in October.
Thank you for always supporting SuG!

"SuG Overseas Event Information"
Sundown Festival
Date: 2010/7/31
Venue: Universal Studios Singapore® New York Zone
Official Site: http://www.sundownfestival.sg

Date: 2010/10/24
Venue: TheWALL
OPEN 18:00 / START 19:00
Ticket Price: Adv 1,400NTD / Day 1,600NTD
Tickets are currently on sale!
[Information] TheWALL Music / info@thewall.com.tw

Please keep voting here for the artist you want to see on MJP TV!
Check out SuG's new artist photos in their gallery, too!
[PS COMPANY All artist] TRIBAL ARIVALL Vol.100 Backstage Report
[PS COMPANY All artist] TRIBAL ARIVALL Vol.100 Photo Book