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girugamesh Announce New Release and Fall Tour!

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girugamesh Announce New Release and Fall Tour!

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As currently girugamesh are on their "SUMMER TOUR 2010", new tour news have reached us just yet. About two month after this tour ends, they will again go on tour with another 8 stops. Moreover, in between this tour, they will also be releasing a new song, however, concerning that, more information are yet to be released. As to what kind of song the new single is going to be, fans will be able to find out this fall.

The "SUMMER TOUR 2010" has also SOLD OUT all tickets and the members of girugamesh are currently exciting the crowd all over Japan, with the performance in Hiroshima just finished. Like that they will be heading towards the tour final an Shibuya O-WEST and then the event "JACK IN THE BOX". This year, too they are surrounded by a lot of their sempais and present themselves as girugamesh.

Please look forward as to what kind of performance they are going to show!

girugamesh Autumn Tour
10/2 Sendai HooK
10/5 Sapporo KRAPS HALL
10/8 Nigata CLUB JUNK BOX
10/10 Hiroshima CAVE BE
10/11 Fukuoka Beat Station
10/13 Osaka umeda AKASO
10/15 Nagoya Electric Lady Land
10/23 Yokohama Bay Hall

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