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X-JAPAN Get Ready for Battle!

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X-JAPAN Get Ready for Battle!


X-JAPAN, who recently announced their rebirth live to be held on March 28th & 30th 2008, is ready for battle!
YOSHIKI said “I've played at TOKYO DOME for 14 times now. So, it's like a hangout place for us. “
He hurt his neck last time from his high-intensity drum performance.
“It hurts still and I have tendovaginitis as well. But I'm training well now. We are getting ready for battle.”

Recently, huge X-JAPAN ad trucks can be seen driving around Tokyo city.
X-JAPAN are getting serious for their next live performance.

◎X-JAPAN LIVE at Tokyo dome
“Hakai no Yoru” March 28th 2008
“Souzou no Yoru” March 30th 2008

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