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"Honestly, honestly Thank You" - aiko at Her Moving Tour Final.

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"Honestly, honestly Thank You" - aiko at Her Moving Tour Final.

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On July 8th, aiko had been performing the last night at Osaka-Jo Hall for her "Love Like Pop vol.13 Tottemo Ureshi Tsuika Koen. Tsukiyo no Ban ni Kanojo wa Arawaru". With this performance the third part of the trilogy-tour, which had already started last year in July ended eventually.

During the live, aiko had been wearing the familiar T-shirt and denim pants and as her first song she had chosen her "Natsu ga Kaeru" from her latest album, which is a song she had been writing thinking of the fans who had come to the free live she had been holding a year previously. During the song "Kabuto Mushi", 19 string players appeared suddenly and made a surprise performance. She presented songs like "Amai Jutan", "beat", "Modorenai Ashita" and "Mukaiawase", as well as "Boshi to Mizugi to Suiheisen" in a sudden triple-encore, making it a moving climax of the show.

She kept rushing through this one year while realizing 54 solo-performances with four different kinds of set lists.

And as of this year's march there has been the three months consecutive release series on top. Soon aiko will be looking back on 13 years since her debut, while having become someone not to take your eyes off from here on!

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