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Koda Kumi Finishing Her Tour with Deep Emotion!

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Koda Kumi Finishing Her Tour with Deep Emotion!

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In December, Koda Kumi will be looking back on ten years since her debut and she has just brought her latest Japan wide tour with her special performance "KODA KUMI  Dream music park" at the Yokohama Stadium to end. The show marked her first outdoor performances and she was also the first female artists to perform in this place two nights in a row. Including her new single "Gossip Candy", which will be released in July 7th, she performed the accompanying song "Lollipop", utilized a total of nine costume changes, while performing a total number of 37 songs. Even though the venue sank into the rain for the encore, a choir of 25000 fans singing "Ai no Uta" resounding throughout, made it a cry worthy finale.

"In those ten years as Koda Kumi, I have come to grow as an artist. There had been lots of uncertainties. There were bad feelings, too, but you supported me so much. I am grateful for all of you. Thank you very much." The singer expressed her gratitude in words numerous times. The tour mobilized approximately 200,000 people and on top of that, this event had been broadcasted live in 3D, conveying the atmosphere even to TV viewers.

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