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[Time Change] Only Two More Days Until ViViD TV on June 27th at 6am JST!

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Home > Pick up+ > [Time Change] Only Two More Days Until ViViD TV on June 27th at 6am JST!

[Time Change] Only Two More Days Until ViViD TV on June 27th at 6am JST!

musicJAPANplus / USTREAM / ViViD

Two days left until the airing and the excitement of the band members is at its max...
Looking forward to it too much, what should we do, if they can't sleep the night prior?

Btw, the time of the airing has changed!
Therefore, please check back with the map of the different time zones and confirm the time of your place with it!

Also, the band members are really interested in the questions collected.
Don't forget, we are still looking for your questions to ViViD!
For more on the application please check the information below.

Well then, we are heading out now to buy the stuff we still need for the program!
Oh, and we have decided on a #-tag for the airing. It's "#ViViDTV"
Please, everyone use this when commenting and getting excited, because the members might use it to look for comments and questions.

[Brief Overview on the Program]
Name:ViViD TV

Airing time:
!!The time of the airing has changed and will start an hour earlier!!
Tokyo: June 27th at 6:00am
Moscow: June 27th at 1:00am
London: June 26th at 10:00pm
New York: June 26th at 5:00pm
Los Angeles: June 26th at 2:00pm
For more times and places, please take a look at the forum thread.
Airing place: musicJAPANplus top page

[Short description on the contents]
2.ViViD Q&A
3.First worldwide airing of video footage
4.Present corner and much more!

*The winners of the present lottery will be announced on the program.
The days thereafter the winners will receive an E-mail from musicJAPANplus (info (@) cooljapan.co.jp). In case there is no reply to this E-mail, the drawing will become invalid, so please be careful to answer quickly.

During the airing on that day, the program will make use of a live-chat feature. To comment directly on the program, you will need either a Facebook, Twitter or AOL account.

[ViViD Question Applications]
Find the thread to submit your questions in the musicJAPANplus forum in the topic "ViViD TV Questions Collection"
(Entry period: June 14th until the start of the program)

http://musicJAPANplus.jp > Forums > Tune In > MJP : ViViD TV Questions Collection
(Write all your questions down right there!)

The airing will be right here on the top page
The questions to ViViD can be submited here!
Confirm your time here!