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Hello Kitty and Tsuji Nozomi to Collaborate.

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Hello Kitty and Tsuji Nozomi to Collaborate.

Hello Kitty / Tsuji Nozomi / MORNING MUSUME。

At a commemorative hand shake event, it has been announced that former MORNING MUSUME member Tsuji Nozomi will be collaborating with Hello Kitty under the title of "Tsuji-chan x Kitty-chan HAPPY LIFE"

The collaboration has been realized after Tsuji had confessed liking Hello Kitty very much and she will be presenting a Kitty-design dress by her, along with Hello Kitty fashion arrangements by Tsuji, revealed as "Tsuji&Kitty world". "I am very satisfied with the outcome of things. There will be 111 points to this, because Kitty-chan's birthday will be on November 1st", Tsuji stated happily and volunteered: "I would like to be Kitty-chan's manager for once. One day I would like to spent time with her."

Tsuji is currently about four months pregnant with her second child and she commented "I would like it to be a boy. My husband also says a boy would be great." In November 2007 she had given birth to her daughter and stated imposingly: "I am not afraid of giving birth anymore. It's more a feeling that eventually things will work out somehow

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