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BOOM BOOM SATELLITES to Tour all of America!

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BOOM BOOM SATELLITES to Tour all of America!

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On May 26th, BOOM BOOM SATELLITES have released their new album "THE LOVELESS" after an absence of two years and it has made it into the top 5 of the weekly album ranking of ORICON charts, and even to the top 3 in the daily ranking. Their entry into the top three, is showing BOOM BOOM SATELLITES' surprising moves.

Not only will they be releasing their best-of album "OVER AND OVER" in America, but their will also go on tour there from October this year, it has now been announced.

BOOM BOOM SATELLITES have debuted in Europe in 1997 and have since then, performed at various festivals all over the world. Certainly their repeated activities in overseas made them a bug topic all over the world. Specific information can also be found on the official homepage now.

Also, during their limited premium live on May 25th as well as during the live airing on the internet, the access from overseas was overwhelming and was an unprecedented occasion for the group. With this kind of energy BOOM BOOM SATELLITES have been heading on their Japan live-house tour from June 16th.

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