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Angelo's New Single to Become Anime Ending Song.

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Angelo's New Single to Become Anime Ending Song.

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On July 28th, Angelo will be releasing their 7th Single "El Dorado" and from July 11th, it will also be the Ending theme song for the anime"SENGOKU BASARA 2", which will we airing every week in Sunday at 5pm.

"SENGOKU BASARA" has been a video game, a TV anime, been made into a stage production and various other releases, where as the epic samurai action game has exceeded 1,600,000 copies on the in sales

The first press limited edition of "El Dorado features a DVD and there will be an "Angelo version" as well as a "BASARA version" on top of this. The contents can not only be enjoyed by Angelo fans, but can also by fans of "SENGOKU BASARA".
People who can't wait for the release of the single, check out the anime from July 11th at any rate!

NEW SINGLE "El Dorado"
2010.07.28(wed) Release!!
First press limited edition [CD+DVD]SMCL201~202 \1,900(Tax in)
Angelo edition [CD]SMCL203 \1,300(Tax in)
BASARA edition [CD / Digipak] SMCL204 \1,300(Tax in)

9/1(wed) SAPPORO PENNY LANE 24 18:00 / 19:00
9/4(sat) SHIBUYA-AX 17:00 / 18:00
9/10(fri) HIROSHIMACLUB QUATTRO 18:00/19:00
9/12(sun) FUKUOKA DRUM LOGOS 16:00 / 17:00
9/17(fri) KORIYAMA HIP SHOT JAPAN 18:00 / 19:00
9/18(sat) SENDAI Darwin 17:00 / 18:00
9/23(thu) NAGOYA ElectricLadyLand 17:00 / 18:00
9/25(sat) OSAKA umeda AKASO 17:00/18:00
9/26(sun) Zepp Tokyo 16:00 / 17:00

Tickets in advance: Standing room \5,775(Tax in)
at the door: Standing room \6,300
(tax included, drink fees not included)

Tickets in advance:
Standing room \5,565(Tax in) / 2F reserve seats \5,775(Tax in)

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