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The Many Faces of Kagrra,'s Nao

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The Many Faces of Kagrra,'s Nao

event / Kra / A9 / Kagrra,

On June 3rd, Kagrra, had just been holding their [Kikou] live at Shibuya O-EAST in celebration of their 10 Anniversary, making it a special day for them and their fans.

As all of the band members expressed their thoughts on the live, bassist Nao came to the front of the stage. "During these 10 years I have been taking on a number of characters, and eventually I can't really tell which is the real me anymore." The fans laughed out loud, probably thinking about "Charisma Sensei" or "Devil Christ 13" and of course of "MUSASABY" from THE TOKYO HIGH BLACK, who had just been performing on May 30th at SHIBUYA-AX at the PS Company event TRIBAL ARIBVALL Vol. 100.
After all, Nao is not only a very talented bassist but has also been the background vocalist of Kagrra, and his fable for different personalities made it nearly a must for him to take part in the event. Together with Tora from Alice Nine as MON-MARSHY and Keiyuh from Kra as MADAO, the unit performed a splendid show in front of more than 2000 people.

The latest issue of ARENA37゜C SPECIAL features a great back cover special on THE TOKYO HIGH BLACK with a group interview and individual keyword interviews - where as the answers are probably not to be taken too seriously. Yet they may reveal some hidden truth maybe? (laughs)

Together with a great photo session in unusual poses, a photo diary of the interview day and a live report, the issue is must for THE TOKYO HIGH BLACK fans...or of the individual bands of each members!

Other bands featured are ViViD, SuG, girl band SCANDAL and many more.

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