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New Indie-PSC Band "born"!

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New Indie-PSC Band "born"!

BORN / PS COMPANY / release

born are a Visual-kei band, which has been focusing their band activities around the Tokyo area, however, this year they will be broadening their activities by heading out to live houses in many different places. Moreover, during their last year's summer tour they gained enough popularity to sell-out Takadanobaba AREA. Of course this year as well they will be taking the scene by storm!

On their official homepage, the members have left a quick comment in which vocalist Ryoga says "We are thinking about releasing a number of records from August on and we hope you will listen to it and come to our lives!"

Details are yet to be announced; however, starting in August, they are planning on a three months consecutive release. Don't miss it!

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What do you think is this new band like?