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LUNA SEA Declaring Their "REBOOT!!" on Twitter!

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LUNA SEA Declaring Their "REBOOT!!" on Twitter!

twitter / Kawamura Ryuichi / SUGIZO / LUNA SEA

In 2000 LUNA SEA announced the "curtain fall" of their band activities, however, on May 29th at 0 o'clock the message "LUNA SEA REBOOT" was released, which is strongly suggesting a revival of the band. On this day, the band, which had been formed 21 years ago, had held their very first live, making it a memorable day. In 2007 they had held a one night limited performance, which inherited a deep meaning as in the fact that it was held during the night of a full moon.

Held on December 24th that year at TOKYO DOME, during that one live of their limited reunion, vocalist RYUICHI had stayed and said: "Let's meet again some time under the clear sky." Despite this promise LUNA SEA had ended that night once again.

It's been two years since the band members reunited once again at the "hide memorial summit", which had been presented by X JAPAN on May 4th in 2008. As the time of the break is nearing it's 10th year, the signs of a LUNA SEA revival play closer to reality again.

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