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TRIBAL ARIVALL Live Coverage at the musicJAPANplus Twitter!

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TRIBAL ARIVALL Live Coverage at the musicJAPANplus Twitter!

twitter / event / ViViD / SuG / SCREW / Kra / A9

On May 30th the PS Company event TRIBAL ARIVALL will be held at SHIBUYA-AX for the 100th time featuring Alice Nine, Kra, SuG, SCREW and ViViD.

And this event will be covered live from SHIBUYA-AX! Anything from the rehearsal starting around 10am Japanese standard time will be reported live through the musicJAPANplus Twitter account (in English) and PS mobile (Japanese) exclusively!

Might there be some background stories and rare conditions from the backstage area?? For that day, please send all your power for the event through the musicJAPANplus Twitter as well as the forum to SHIBUYA-AX.

The days after the event, we will then present you video comments of the participating bands, as well as the answers to the number of questions you the musicJAPANplus readers are dying to get answered! For more information, please check the TRIBAL ARIVAL Special Corner from the links below!

OP top of that, our coolJAPANstore is featuring a limited offer on band goods and CD in celebration of the TRIBAL ARIVAL Vol. 100 event!

Check the links to find out more!

[Event Information]

Twitter Live Coverage: 5/30 from about AM10:00 (Japanese Standard Time)
musicJAPANplus Official Twitter: http://twitter.com/musicJAPANplus (PC/Mobile)
PS mobile: http://m.pscompany.co.jp/qr/tribal/ (Mobile)

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