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Amuro Namie - An Asian Woman's First Honor!

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Amuro Namie - An Asian Woman's First Honor!

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Amuro Namie had been taking part in the award ceremony of the world's largest festival, the "WORLD MUSIC AWARDS 2010" as a representative for the Asian music industry. Her album "PAST<FUTURE", which had been released in December 2009 reached the top chart position in five different Asian countries, including South Korea and Taiwan, which nominated hr for "BEST ASIAN ARTIST". It's the 2nd time for a Japanese artist to perform on the event after the two-piece unit CHAGE&ASKA did, while it's the first time for an Asian woman to have such a chance.

She crossed the red carpet in a white dress among the many cheering voices, where as for the stage, she wore a sexy tight, black dress. She showed a hot trade-mark dance performance of "Hide&Seek", before he accepted the trophy from Paris Hilton. With a sense of fulfillment she said: "Thank you! Being able to perform here in Monaco is the greatest honor of all."

For this summer the release of a new song is scheduled and until November 2010, Amuro will be going on her Japan wide tour, which will include 73 performances and it does not seem that the "Asian Diva" can be stopped!

Amuro Namie Looking Towards a Million Seller!
The Girl in TV CM with Namie Amuro's Song is from Hong Kong!
Amuro Namie's [PAST
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