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hiroto and MOGU - Picture Perfect Impressions on a Friend.

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hiroto and MOGU - Picture Perfect Impressions on a Friend.

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As a celebrity it is a natural thing to have your photo taken and spread through the many magazines and many people are probably eager to have their photo taken and put on the cover of a well respected magazine.

Since Alice Nine will now be heading towards their first one man performance at Nippon Budokan in January 2011, they will for sure have their pictures taken a lot from now on.

However, guitarist hiroto also very much enjoys taking pictures himself, it seems. When viewing his blog, it is full of colorful photographs, which all have the caption "photo by hiroto" - flowers, landscapes and just on May 10th you can find a cute white dog, almost grinning into the camera.

In the latest issue brother MOGU is making an appearance.
I think there is something very natural at the moment of these pictures!
Check it out!"

He writes in his blog.

So, the cute little dog is called MOGU and he is part of the most recent photo shooting with hiroto in ARENA37℃ Vol. 333, June 2010. The surprisingly relaxed and mature photo shooting shows the two of them acting very familiar with each other - certainly a side everyone needs to see!

The issue also features Uruha of the GazettE, ViViD and SuG's Takeru and Kagrra,'s Nao on the PS Company side. The cover feature is dedicated to Korean group Choushinsei and among others, former Tohoshinki member XIAH junsu are featured in great pictures and interesting photo shootings.

For more information, please check back at coolJAPANstore!
[CJS]SHOXX Vol.206 Apr.2010 Alice Nine
Neo genesis Vol.44 the GazettE (Uruha, Aoi) Alice Nine (Shou, Tora) w/ poster