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Flash Backs and Memories - Nightmare - 2010 - 2009 - 2003

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Flash Backs and Memories - Nightmare - 2010 - 2009 - 2003


What makes a real band?

Steady evolution while staying true to the routs and never forgetting where they came from! It is one of the very fascinating things about the Japanese Visual-kei scene, where fans can grow with their bands, see them eventually fill larger halls and every new record is like a treasure. Do you still remember what the first record has been that you bought from your favorite band?

For all Nightmare fans, there will soon be another disc ready to be added to their collection! On June 23rd they will be releasing their new Single "a:FANTASIA".

Nightmare are certainly a band that is on quite a few covers, when there are new releases and therefore it is no surprise that their articles are included in the collection volume "SHOXX Index 2010". This issue certainly shows the evolution of the band in a very astounding way. Among the article collection from 2009 (which also include an amazing b/w shooting with YOMI and Hitsugi - in the wider sense of "shooting"), there is one article, in which the members change back into their costumes from 2003, with great results and a stunning reflection on the past. It does show how much the band has evolved, and yet how they always stayed true to themselves.

Fans will certainly not be disappointed with Nightmares new single.

Get this issue of SHOXX with the best articles and the most amazing photo shootings from 2009 all packed in one issue at coolJAPANstore!

Get this issue of SHOXX at coolJAPANstore!