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What's Your Favorite X JAPAN Single?

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What's Your Favorite X JAPAN Single?

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In 1989, X JAPAN celebrated their lively debut, producing hit after hit and creating legend after legend in the world of Japanese Rock! For this reason, a survey has now been conducted regarding the most popular songs among X JAPAN fans.

In the top position you can find the 1989 released song "Kurenai", which could also be found as a single cut version on the first major album "BLUE BLOOD" and was also released as a commemorative major single. As a single that truly represents X JAPAN this song has also been played often at the lives. Number two is also a single cut version from BLUE BLOOD - "ENDLESS RAIN". Although X JAPAN are known for their aggressive songs, this song's beautifully written piano melody has an overwhelming presence. The song has also been covered at a concert of Angela Aki, as it is really popular all over.

It has been more than ten years since the band broke up in 1997, but how many could have known about the meaning of X JAPAN have created at that time? After all there are probably a great number of fans, who are looking forward to the future activities of this band. So how do you think about this and what is you favorite single of X JAPAN?

Feel free to discuss this in the forum under the "News" topic!

Favorite X JAPAN Single Ranking
3.Forever Love
5.Say Anything
7.Rusty Nail

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What's Your Favorite X JAPAN Single?