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GACKT and Nishikawa are Sharing Thoughts on Ex-Wife Openly.

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GACKT and Nishikawa are Sharing Thoughts on Ex-Wife Openly.

TV / abingdon boys school / BREAKERZ / GACKT

On April 25th, GACKT, Nishikawa Takanori and DAIGO haven been guests in the talk show program [Bokura no Jidai / Our Time]. Apart from being (former) Visual-kei artists, what are other things the three of them can relate with?

The meeting between GACKT and Nishikawa was certainly of the different kind. As the two of them hadn't had the chance to talk for a long time, their fans came to think, that GACKT actually hated Nishikawa. However, in the program they appeared in together, they really seemed to feel a lot of sympathy towards each other. When it came to DAIGO, however, the two stated that they were still a little shy towards him, which left DAIGO greatly surprised as such, using his signature phrase "Maji suka (Are you serious)?".

During the discussion Nishikawa came up with the question, whether there was the wish to get married among them, to which GACKT revealed, that he had been married once when he was 20. (This was something neither Nishikawa nor DAIGO apparently knew and shocked them quite a bit! Between GACKT and Nishikawa the discussion came up, whether GACKT had told him, or not - very much like "I told you!" vs. "No you didn't!!" (laughs))

[At that time, I was young and I did not understand her properly either. However, I still don't think is had been a mistake. I think it was good to have met like that, because she was there, I am who I am today.] GACKT said about his marriage.

And as if Nishikawa had been told not to talk about marriage since his first wife, he did not touch the issue personally. However, he did seem to be grateful to have met her, as well.

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