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Plastic Tree Announce 3rd NIPPON BUDOKAN Performance!

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Plastic Tree Announce 3rd NIPPON BUDOKAN Performance!

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In commemoration of their very first records [Strange fruits-奇妙な果実 / Kamyou na Kajitsu-], which had been release 15 years ago during their indies time, Plastic Tree are now embarking on their Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka Circuit [Strange Fruits-奇妙な果実-15周年・追懐公演 / Kamyou na Kajitsu- 15th Anniversary Memorial Performance] from May on. On their official site a count down has started on April 13th , with the numbers of days decreasing steadily, causing a lot of speculations, as to what would be revealed on March April 18th.

Eventually, the band's 3rd performance at Nippon Budokan for August 13th has been announced along with their 29th single [ムーンライト―――。/ Moonlighto.] for July 28th.

The single will be their first song after their moving to Takuma JAPAN Communications. There will be two special limited edition versions of the record as well as a regular version, on which a very nostalgic song will be included as a bonus track - rearranged and re-mastered.

「ムーンライト―――。 / Moonlight.」
Release Date: 2010/7/28
Special Limited Ed. A (CDMS+DVD) ¥1,575(tax in)
Special Limited Ed.B (CDMS+DVD) ¥1,575(tax in)
Regular Ed. (CDMS) ¥1,260(tax in)
*For purchasing the Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B and the Regular Edition, Applications will be available. Contents of the event will be announced SOON.

NIPPON BUDOKAN Special Performance

Strange fruits-奇妙な果実-15周年・追懐公演 / Kamyou na Kajitsu - 15th Anniversary Memorial Performance
5/3 (Mon)Suidobashi・JCB HALL ※SOLD OUT
5/5 (Wed)Nagoya・Club DIAMON Hall
5/7 (Fri)Osaka・NHK Hall ※SOLD OUT

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