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Fans From All Over the World Following Ayu on Twitter.

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Fans From All Over the World Following Ayu on Twitter.

twitter / Hamasaki Ayumi

Popular idol Hamasaki Ayumi is known to have gotten into online service Twitter recently. She had started tweeting on April 20th at about 10pm and until April 21st 4:36am she had come up with 46 tweets within only 6 hours. The response to her tweets had been great as well. She had been answering fan question and showing her interaction with the staff as well. There have been English tweets form the recording staff in London and fans from Brazil and Korea have also been writing.

Hamasaki's twitter had been a big topic already in advance, which was triggered by AVEX president Matsuura Masato, who had already created an account at twitter on 15th of April. On April 8th in 1998, the singer had made her debut and her first lines had been "ホントの自分の姿が少しずつぼやけ出してる押し寄せる人波の中... / Honto no Jibun no Sugata ga Sukoshi Zutsu Boyake Dashiteru Oshiyoseru Hitonami no Naka.../ As my true self is blurring little by little I am putting myself out through the crowd" - lines of the debut single [poker face]. Early in the morning she eventually wrote "I am going to bed now. The state of my fingers is really getting strange. (laughs) This time, seriously, I'm off! See you!" It seems she really had been tweeting until her fingers got sore.

The exchange with her fans and the communication really seem to be something she has been getting into.

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