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GACKT Is Having a Golden Time These Days!

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GACKT Is Having a Golden Time These Days!

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Just the other day, GACKT had announced his moving to record and talent agency AVEX.
"On GACKT's side as well as on AVEX's side, their matching efforts to create entertainment is what they we will be pursuing in building the one view on the "one and only GACKT" with the right staff to do so. The attention on the artist will be amplified more than before, building up more experience as well, with a greater amount of excitement. Please look forward to it!"

In 2006 GACKT had been going on his very first Asian Tour and by now he has been broadening his activities by distributing more a total of 224 songs in more 22 countries.
As AVEX is having head quarters in Asia and American Hawaii, GACKT's moving to the company seems to be a new step in the direction of his activities overseas, as AVEX is also greatly focusing on global promotion.

Recently, GACKT is also staring in the coffee commercial for [ワンダ 金の微糖 / WONDA Kin no Bitou] together with Karasawa Toshiaki. In his part, GACKT is in an important meeting before he needs to excuse himself to [a man's golden time] with WONDA coffee. It is a rather impressive CM for GACKT, who is usually so very cool and is shown from a different angle this time.

On June 16th, he will also release his first single under the new management, right after he started his new Japan wide tour on June 10th with the dates as stated below.

Zepp Tokyo
6/10(Thu), 11(Fri), 13(Sun), 16(Wed), 17(Thu)
Zepp Nagoya  
6/21(Mon), 22(Tue), 24(Thu), 25(Fri)
Zepp Fukuoka  
6/28(Mon), 29(Tue), 7/01(Thu), 02(Fri)
Zepp Osaka   
7/04(Sun), 06(Tue), 07(Wed), 09(Fri) 
Zepp Sendai
8/11(Wed), 12(Thu), 14(Sat), 15(Sun)
Zepp Sapporo
8/17(Tue), 19(Thu), 20(Fri)

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