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SuG to Release New Single!

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SuG to Release New Single!

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SuG has released their 1st album "TOKYO MUZiCAL HOTEL" after their major debut on "the Day of SuG" (3/9) with their Single "gr8 Story" and have just completed their first day of the tour "SuG TOUR 2010"TOKYO MUZiCAL HOTEL". Even though it was only the first day of the tour, they had an important announcementto make! The start of the tour has been as exciting as it's reaching its climax.

It was announced during encore while Takeru and yuji introduced their tour goods.
" I have an announcement to make! Our second single will be released on June 30th! The title will be "Koakuma Sparkling". Probably the best single of SuG ever! Even our staff praised it highly! It's a great song; colorful and flashy! Please look forward to it!" said Takeru. The audiences cheered in joy upon Takeru's announcement.

The band will be on tour until May 9th at Akasaka BLITZ.
Might there be more surprises at the final day of the tour?

[INTERVIEW] We betray ourselves just like we are !
SuG released 1st Major Album and Held an Event on "SuG's Day"!
New Years present from SuG!!