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Oku Hanako to Contribute to the "Tales of..." Series!

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Oku Hanako to Contribute to the "Tales of..." Series!

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On March 17th, Singer-Song Writer Oku Hanako has just released her latest Single "初恋 / Hatsu Koi". The song, which is mainly focusing on the feelings of female High School students, describes the devastation of a broken heart, coming down to the line "It's OK if we are just friends...". Although the song is not used as a tie-up, it has been a long hit ever since the release.

It has now been revealed that Oku Hanako will be responsible for the theme song of popular role-playing game "Tales of Phantasia Narikiri X", where as the title of the song will be "ガラスの花 / Glass no Hana"。
For the release of the news she also send a comment about it:

"I am really honored to be able to create a song for the "Tales of..."series. I read the whole story and created the song considering the feelings of the characters and the theme of the story, as well as the many scattered words in the game. Since the song is playing at the beginning of the game, I really hope that it will provoke some expectations and brings across the message of the game. I also paid special attention to the power and the speed of the song. I hope all "Tales of..." fans will enjoy the song together with the game."

Until now, artists like Every Little Thing, BUMP OF CHICKEN and BoA have contributed to the sound tracks and this time, too, it deserves the same big amount of attention. .
The game itself, will be available for PlayStation Portable this year!

Moreover, Oku Hanako will also make an appearance at the "Tales of Festival 2010", a large must-go event for any "Tales of..." Fan on June 5th and 6th. She will be performing a mini live, which anyone should take the chance to see if possible!

「初恋 / Hatsu Koi」 
Release Date:2010/3/17(Wed)/PONY CANYON
Price:\1,200 (tax in)
Specials:Original「Ring Tone」Present Campaign
The access code for campaign site is included in the CD.

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