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Acid Black Cherry - "I will sing again!"

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Acid Black Cherry - "I will sing again!"

release / Acid Black Cherry

Last year on November 2nd Acid Black Cherry held his final performance of the "Acid Black Cherry 2009 tour Q.E.D." at Nippon Budokan, before the sudden break from his current activities have been announced officially.

The reason for the decision was the fact that yasu had been struggling with pains in his throat, which had been diagnosed as an infection near his vocal chords. After the end of the tour he decided to undergo surgical treatment immediately.

It has been 5 Months since then and now a new single release has been announced !
Certainly with the meaning of being back, the new song's title will be "Re:birth" and will also be the title song for the PlayStation3 game "Another Century's Episode R".

With the one phrase "I will sing again", these information have been released recently, which must be a great relieve and joy to all fans.

More specific information on the single "Re:birth" will be released in the following days, so please look forward to it.

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