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LM.C's European Tour FINALLY Starts!

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LM.C's European Tour FINALLY Starts!

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LM.C have just released their latest album [WONDERFUL WONDERHOLIC] on March 3rd and the follow-up tour for this album just starts in Europe this weekend.

Last year they had started out on January 23rd in Santiago de Chile and with their stops in South America, Europe and Asia they toured 11 countries and held 14 live performances all over the world. The pop-ish and colorful music, which is a trademark of LM.C, has made the crowd sing as a united choir wherever they went.
As they went on and on with their colorful carnival in the lights of their exciting lives, they crossed country and language boarders alike, showing their charm to about 10,000 fans all together.

This time, for their second European Tour, LM.C will moreover, start out in Moscow and continue on to Finland, Sweden, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Italy and France, for a total of 12 performances in 8 different countries.
After a year for absence, they are certain to cause a storm, now that they have returned to Europe!

Even before they headed to Europe, LM.C have left a message at musicJAPANplus for all our readers and you can find the video starting from the links below. Please also see the guide on how to view videos at mJp - [Guide to the LM.C Video]

4月3日(Sat) Relax Club (Moscow, Russia)
4月5日(Mon) Tavastia (Helsinki, Finland)
4月6日(Tue) Klubben (Stockholm, Sweden)
4月7日(Wed) Markthalle (Hamburg, Germany)
4月9日(Fri) Backstage (Munich, Germany)
4月10日(Sat) Diesel Club (Budapest, Hungary)
4月11日(Sun) Scene (Vienna, Austria)
4月13日(Tue) Tunnel (Milano, Italy)
4月14日(Wed) Transbordeur (Lyon, France)
4月15日(Thur) La Phare (Toulouse, France)
4月17日(Sat) Elysee Montmartre (Paris, France)
4月18日(Sun) Zeche (Bochum, Germany)

Release date:2010/3/3 (Wed)/PONY CANYON
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[Limited Edition A] (CD+DVD) PCCA-03101 \4,725〔tax in.〕
[Limited Edition B ] (CD+DVD) PCCA-03102\4,725〔tax in〕
[Regular Edition] (CD ONLY) PCCA-03103 \3,150〔tax in〕
[Limited Edition A][DVD]LM.C TOUR '09 -winter- FINAL [NAGANO de HOLY☆NIGHT]at Hokuto Bunka Hall 09/12/25 (including 6 songs)
[Limited Edition B ][DVD] LM.C Club Circuit '09 -CRAZY A GO GO 2- FINAL at STUDIO COAST 09/08/30 (including 5 songs)

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