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LM.C Sending Out A Message to Their Fans Before their Overseas Tour!!

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LM.C Sending Out A Message to Their Fans Before their Overseas Tour!!

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On March 3rd LM.C have just released their new album [WONDERFUL WONDERHOLIC] and they will be going on a follow-up tour [LM.C LIVE TOUR 2010] from April 3rd. Starting out in Russia, they will be touring for roughly 2 months all over Europe and Asia, and including their performances in Japan, the tour will add up to a total of 30 lives. It has been about a year since their last overseas tour as well and there are probably a great number of fans who can now have the chance to see LM.C live again!

Before heading overseas, maya&Aiji will be sending out a message to all the readers of musicJAPANplus!!
It is the first time for them to have recorded a message directly for musicJAPANplus and of course they will be talking about their up-coming tour as well as about the many things of LM.C, which have been included in the making of their album [WONDERFUL WONDERHOLIC].
Please check out the video, which will show you a number of things, which can't be grasped from the usual interviews and enjoy their superb talk and their very unique characters show therein!

Please find the exact tour schedule of the tour at musicJAPANplus within LM.C's artist page. A new Seasonal Service with LM.C will also be updated here, which you wouldn't want to miss. Start right here from the links below and don't forget their artist history and previous articles in their write up section!

--Release Date of the Video:

*Watching Videos at musicJAPANplus has changed!
--How to watch the video
When starting from the top page of musicJAPANplus (http://musicjapanplus.jp/), please scroll down to find the [MJP Channel] on the left side column.
The different video's thumbnails are in a constant rotation and you will find the LM.C comment video there as well! If you click the thumbnail of a certain video, you will be able to watch the video within musicJAPANplus directly.

LM.C had quite a lot of appearances at musicJAPANplus. Check their write Up section!
Find their "LM.C LIVE TOUR 2010" right here!
Check their Answers for our earlier Seasonal Survey of the Stars here!