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DAIGO About His Love in ACOUSTIC!

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DAIGO About His Love in ACOUSTIC!

release / BREAKERZ

On April 7th BREAKERS will be releasing their acoustic album [B.R.Z ACOUSTIC], which will include 8 song in total, with numbers such as [BAMBINO~バンビーノ~] and [アオノミライ/Ao no Mirai] - which are usually very dancable tracks when played live.

Among the songs, the track [春恋歌 / Syunrenka] protrays a love story actually experienced by DAIGO himself. Even as it had been composed a number of years back, the sad love song makes a splendid acoustic version this time.
When asked about the lyrics, DAIGO said [It is about the situation, that even as you want to contact the person you love, you can't do it as there seems to be no hope. And even as you know that, this situation as such makes the feelings even stronger. I put in all the feelings I usually can't bring accross in this song. Rather than being full of passion in life, isn't this all about liking someone to that extend? Therefore I wanted to sing about this feeling of being greatful for feeling this way about a certain person.]
A lot of power has also been put into the PV, so don't miss it!
Moreover, BREAKERZ, who have been formed 3 years ago will be holding their anniversary live at Nippon Budokan on July 30th as well!
So please look forward to what BREAKERZ, who are very popular in Japan these days, will be up to next!

Original Release:ビーイング / Being
Release Date:2010/4/7
Product number:ZACL-9042

1.春恋歌 / Syunrenka
2.アオノミライ / Ao no Mirai
3.ダンデライオン / Dandelion
5.B.R.Z~明日への架橋~ / B.R.Z. -Ashita he no Kakehashi-
7.Miss you
8.ナンゼンカイ・・・ナンマンカイ・・・ / Nanzenkai...Nanmankai...

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