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MUCC's New Single to Become Anime Opening Track!

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MUCC's New Single to Become Anime Opening Track!

release / HIMEKA / MUCC

As reported yesterday, MUCC have a lot of plans for this year, including a winter circuit and a new album in autumn 2010. However, before that, they will be releasing a new single in June, to which the title has now been announced.

The song will be called [約束/Yakusoku (lit. Promise)] and will also be the opening track for the anime series [閃光のナイトレイド / Senkou no Naitoreido], which will be aired from April 2010 as a second project of [アニメノチカラ/ Anime no Chikara].

Apparently the new song already shows a new side of MUCC and is lead by a sad melody and lyrics with great impact.

The ending theme of the anime, on the other hand, will be provided by Canada-born singer HIMEKA, whose mother tongue is French and who made her debut as a singer for Anime songs in 2009. Prior to that, she had taken part in [The Second All Japan Anison Gran Prix] in Japan and made it to the top from amongst 3,186 competitors, where she was discovered by Sony Music Japan International.

Since the Anime will be aired from April, it is a good chance to have a listen already before the songs will eventually be released! Fans should certainly get excited about that!

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