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ToshI - Jumping Together as a Member of X JAPAN.

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ToshI - Jumping Together as a Member of X JAPAN.


On February 24th ToshI's last solo performance called "ToshI LAST CONCERT"武士/Bushi JAPAN"" had been taking place, at AKASAKA Blitz. This concert officially marked the end of his solo project.

This time, as ToshI was taking on a new journey, the other members of X JAPAN also came to the venue supporting and celebrating with him.
[I feel a lot of tension when considering to play at this small of a venue with so "small" of a sound.] they stated, while putting on a performance yet very much like themselves.

They played a total of 11 songs, which also included "Forever Love" and "Endless Rain". At last, as the five of them took their hands that day, it appearded like a very nostalgic scene.
The five of them live in the present and it has not changed that they will chase their dreams at any time, it seems.

Doing this and having gathered with 1000 fans that night and also the ones that followed the live broadcast online, it had been a fabulous night for sure!

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