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Visual Kei Magazine "SHOXX" Now in ENGLISH!

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Visual Kei Magazine "SHOXX" Now in ENGLISH!

music / Phantasmagoria

At musicJAPANplus we are proud to introduce our new corner, which features Japan's popular Visual-Kei magazine "SHOXX"! In this special section we will present you interviews out of the magazine all in English for you! Now, the interviews, which had only been available in Japanese, can be fully enjoyed in English. Each month we will introduce a different artist to you in this section.

At first we would like to present to you Phantasmagoria out of SHOXX Vol.206!
Since they are only back together as a band for a limited period of time, what kind of project will they be following?

So check out this interview, with KISAKI, who begins walking a new path from here!

Visual Kei Magazine "SHOXX" Corner!