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T.M.Revolution to Release his First Download-Only Single!

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T.M.Revolution to Release his First Download-Only Single!

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T.M.Revolution is going to release a single dedicated to a beautiful regional lake. From 2009 the song has been performed during lives known under the title [Lakers] and for the first time ever, it will be a single only available for download, scheduled for the 3rd of March.

The song [Lakers] will also be the image song of the 65th Biwako Marathon. The lyrics have been written by Inoue Akio, a friend of T.M. Revolution and the over all production was led by Asakura Daisuke

As he was born in Shiga-prefecture, T.M.Revolution's Nishikawa Takanori has become the ambassador of tourism for the area and commented [Last year in September I was able to take a look at the landscape around Biwako during the [Inazuma Rock Fes]. During that time, the impressions of the Taiko-Drums and the sound of the wind have influenced the making of the song. I think the greatness of Shiga-Prefecture, including all the players, and its landscape can be felt, while the tempo is a little more daring. With the tempo of a lake without waves, the song is completely influenced by Biwako and its surroundings.]

Moreover, with the release of song [Imaginary Ark], scheduled for March 24th, which will complete the T.M.R.×GUNDAM SEED SPECIAL PROJECT [X42S-REVOLUTION] for the 30 Anniversary of the GUNDAM Series, this is certainly another topic to keep an eye on. Especially since T.M. Revolution has just started his 10th year of activity, which should be noticed by his fans from over seas as well, since he had just completed his European Tour at the end of 2009.

Right before the tour, he had also been taking part in the V-ROCK FESTIVAL'09, to which the best live shots are to be found at musicJAPANplus.
Please enjoy this exclusive collection starting from the link below.

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