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w-inds.×G-DRAGON(BIGBANG) Performing at Yokohama Arena!

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w-inds.×G-DRAGON(BIGBANG) Performing at Yokohama Arena!

release / w-inds.

BIGBANG's first tour since their Major Debut titled [BIGBANG ERECTRIC LOVE TOUR] started on February 10th at Yokohama Arena. In a while it had been their first one man live, which caused a great amount of excitement!

Moreover, with this live, there came a surprise! All of a sudden the three members of w-inds. joined the band on stage, which was a great thrill for the BIGBANG fans as well. The packed hall of Yokohama Arena was getting a full performance of w-inds. AND G-DRAGON!!

After their part of the show w-inds. commented [It was really a lot of fun! It seemed like the we could really do this as one unit through the dance music.]

Moreover, w-inds. new Album will be released of March 10th! There will be a collaboration with G-DRAGON, as well as the production with R&B star Ne-Yo and R&B producer Imai Ryosuke, a song of BACHLOGIC and a song produced by YGENTERTAINMENT, all adding up to a fully packed Dance Music Album!

On the CD+DVD version of the Album there will be a total of 6 songs plus the live pictures of [Rain Is Fallin' FCLT2009ver.].

For fans of the band as well as of great dance music, this is certainly a must buy item. With contents featuring BIGBANG, Ne-Yo and the Black Eyed Peas, this is without question a CD with great contents.

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