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SID Revealed Important Information in One-Time-Only CM!

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SID Revealed Important Information in One-Time-Only CM!

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On February 11th, SID had been appearing in a one-time-only CM during the TV Asahi Show [Ikinari!Ogon Densetsu.] to reveale a certain announcement, which turned out to be...

The CM was aired during the later half of the program. Until then, there had been live pictures, which varied from the usual. And then there was the announcement, which would be only made once. The specific contents where the announcement of their live performance on July 31st at Saitama Super Arena! For the band, which had been looking back on two years since their major debut, this was certainly news worthy, much like it was for the fans.

Moreover, when speaking of SID, it comes back to the live DVD which they had just been releasing on February 10th in commemoration of their last tour with the title "SIDNAD Vol.4~TOUR 2009 hikari". On the day of its release the DVD had also been ranking in the top most spot of the ORICON DVD Charts. In addition, their new single [sleep], which will be released on March 3rd, has made it onto a frequently used lyrics site and the lyrics were titled to be cry-worthy even without knowing the song's melody. It seems the band is still developing itself a great deal.

Since their next big live is scheduled for Saitama Super Arena, everyone should be looking forward to a great performance!!

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