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KinKi Kids Tsuyoshi Domoto to be Adidas New Campaign Model

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KinKi Kids Tsuyoshi Domoto to be Adidas New Campaign Model

Johnny's / adidas

KinKi Kids Tsuyoshi Domoto was chosen as a image character of the new campaign "BE Originals" by Adidas's life style brand "Adidas Originals".
From February 12th, Tsuyoshi's unique shoes will be public on the website, mobile site,, advertisement and poster at the shop!

Tsuyoshi was chosen as a image character for "symbolic person who adopts sneakers into his life style with unique style". He prefers white sneaker, mainly POINT GUARD. How does he choose them?

Tsuyoshi said "White foot is very stable. It's the easiest to handle and suit any other clothes. Also, the reason I prefer sneaker-like stuff is because I can play drum easily, step on pedals for keyboard and effecters easily."
"When I'm walking by the street and my musician friend calls me and asks "I'm going to go to rehearsal studio for two hours. Can you come? Can you come and play drum? Or base?' If I were wearing high heel, I would be in trouble." He showed his original theory.
For him "It's a fashion and functional for a musician."
His sneaker collections are more than 50! Including the one garnished with his trademark "Sankaku kun" by himself and such collaborations are also expected.

While he has a column appearing serially in the fashion magazines "FINEBOYS" and "PS", he collaborated with famous hat brand CA4LA and their beret is going to be on sale. Moreover, He was invited to Tokyo mode school as a special instructor. Beyond Johnny's idol border, Tsuyoshi is establishing position as "fashion leader". He is teamed up with Adidas that he has been fan of, he is taking a great leap forward.

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