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the GazettE's Kai-kun Still growing?

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the GazettE's Kai-kun Still growing?

music / GazettE, the

Let's have a look into the GazettE's manager Saikai-san's blog today, too.
This time, he and Kai seem to be comparing their body measurements.
As a result, both of them seem to have grown to a certain age?!

Kai [I've grown somehow.]
Sakai [Probably not!!]
Kai [Isn't unlikely?]
Sakai [Don't you think it's because of your hairstyle?]
Kai [Ah! I forgot!]
Sakai [How come...!!!] (But since it's been a while he shall be forgiven)

So what kind of hair style really does make you look taller?
Certainly, Sakai-san would grow another 3 cm, if he was getting himself a Mohawk...
Well, who's the tallest of the GazettE anyway? Do you all know.

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