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Angelo to Start Big into 2010

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Angelo to Start Big into 2010

live / Angelo

Angelo have begun their new tour "Angelo Tour 2010 SEARCH THE LIGHTWAVE" at Urayasu-shi Cultural Hall.

The tour that will be lasting a whole month this time will include 7 live performances and have the final show held at C.C. Lemon Hall in Shibuya, Tokyo.
This final show at C.C. Lemon Hall is already SOLD OUT and from now focus should be on the lives from now on!

Moreover, there had been an almost unbelievable surprise been revealed on the first day on January 30th.

On April 11th, there will be a release party titled "UNITED DARIAL LIGHT" held at Hibiya Yagai Dai Ongakudou, as it had been announced at the concert..

So don't miss out on checking more about this tour and what it's gonna bring!

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