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Nishikido to be a Patisserie Samurai in his First Movie?!

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Nishikido to be a Patisserie Samurai in his First Movie?!


NEWS and Kanjani∞ member Nishikido Ryo is going to play the lead role for the first time in the movie titled "Chonmage Purin/ちょんまげぷりん" which to be released this summer.

Nishikido ,as a drama actor, has already got high evaluation for good performance in "Last Friends" and "Ryusei no Kizuna /流星の絆". And for his debut on big screen, surprisingly, he will become a Samurai of Edo period who has his own cake knife!

The story is about a Yasubei who travels through time from Edo period (180 years ago) to the modern time, meets with Yusa Hiroko (cast Tomosaka Rie) who is a single mother with her song Tomoya (cast Suzuki Fuku). And he starts to make pastries after he happened to make a pudding for Tomoya. Nishikido Ryo will play the part of the hero "Kijima Yasubei"
By the way, the original story is adapted from the book "Fushigi no Kuni no Yasubei / ふしぎの国の安兵衛".

Nishikido started studying pastry cooking and Samurai behavior lesson 2 months before the crank in on February 6th.

After the hard work in Ecole Tsuji Tokyo, he can make not only pudding, but also shortcake, millefeuille, Gâteau classique au Chocolat and Mont Blanc by himself now!

"Although I don't like sweet food, I kind of like the ones I made myself. If someone asks me to make some, I will definitely do it." He already sounds like a patisserie.
Let's look forward to his pastry cook skill this time!

In addition, Nishikido is quite experienced in playing Samurai roles in historical dramas since his drama debut in 1998. He has successfully presented 8 different kinds of Samurais and he has already learned the way of walking and the fight scene with cake knife.
"I hope to present more Japanese style, and make audience feel 'that's cool'." He commented with confidence.

Also, "I wan to present the power of Nishikido in the movie. A mysterious man fearless but still sweet." said the movie director, who is going to find a brand new side of Nishikido! Does it make you feel like trying the pastry made by Nishikido?

*Valentine's Day is coming! In Japan, girls give chocolates to their favorite guys♪
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